White Planter Pots – With a little bit of paint, a brush, sponge and some patience, you can turn your low cost plastic garden containers into decorator planters that appear just like the high-priced designer versions. In reality, these pots will appear so good, your guests will not be able to inform the distinction.

Ideal White Planter Pots

Ideal White Planter Pots

Awesome White Planter Pots

Awesome White Planter Pots

“Just Like Lead” Finish

1. Take a square plastic pot and clean it well with soap and water. Permit to dry and buff.

2. Spray the outside with a white base fusion spray for plastic. Permit to dry before proceeding.

3. Use an outside acrylic paint in a wrought iron shade to paint the sides and inner lip of the planter. Dab or stipple the paint on with a round brush to steer clear of brush strokes. After dry, apply a second coat.

4. In a separate covered container, mix a glaze utilizing the following outdoor paints: 2 teaspoons blue, 4 teaspoons sandy brown, 1/two teaspoon concrete gray, and 1-two drops black. Thin with 6 teaspoons water, cover and shake to mix. Never be concerned about getting precise with these amounts.

5. Apply the glaze with a well wrung out sponge (nevertheless slightly damp). A huge chunk of a sea sponge operates genuinely effectively as you dab the glaze to cover one side of the planter.

6. When the first side is covered, take a dry rag and wipe it evenly across the planter. It need to have a scuffed metal look to it. Repeat the process for the rest of the sides and inner lip. Take care to blend the edges so there are no defined lines. Give the pot a 2nd coat if you really feel it wants it.

7. Spray with 2 or 3 coats of clear protective spry to waterproof your new metal finish.

Amazing White Planter Pots

Amazing White Planter Pots

Lovely White Planter Pots

Lovely White Planter Pots

Luxury White Planter Pots

Luxury White Planter Pots

“Just Like Copper” Verdigris Finish

1. Commence with a terra-cotta planter, preferably with some sort of raised style or crevices. Wipe it down to remove excess dirt, and leave to dry overnight if you clean with water.

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2. Paint the whole planter – inside and out – with a Fern Green color of outside acrylic paint. Let to dry and add a second coat to totally cover and get into the tiny nooks and crannies.

3. Mix the glaze in a container with a tight fitting lid. It should consist of: 3 teaspoons DecoArt patio Paint in Blue Bahama and 3 teaspoons of water. Cover and shake till mixed. Pour into a bigger container or plate that you can sponge.

4. Making use of a extremely slightly damp sponge, or a brush, apply glaze to one particular size of planter.

5. Wipe off excess glaze by dabbing and rubbing the with a soft rag. Repeat on all sides.

6. Get a tiny quantity of shiny copper colored paint and apply sparingly to edges or along the raised designs and curves. Wipe off with a clean rag.

7. Spray with a couple of coats of clear protective finish.

“Just Like Limestone” Finish

1. This is a method that performs fantastic with a concrete pineapple or other equivalent outdoor decor things. Use a stiff bristle brush and fully clean the item you will be covering. If you wash it with water, let to dry overnight.

2. Get a paper plate and with no mixing, pour out modest helpings of the following out door paints: light yellow, sandy brown, concrete gray, and white.

3. Using a huge round brush or clean make-up brush, stipple the paint, taking care to get in the cracks and crevices. Decide on diverse colors as you go, comparable to the shaded surface of limestone.

4. Dampen and wring out a sea sponge and blend in the colors by blotting gently. Continue to layer on the paint so that you get far more variation, and usually blending and blotting to get an smooth look. Finally pick some accents and add them to the final coat.

5. As soon as dry, spray with numerous coats of a clear protective finish.