Hanging Planter Boxes – Right here are some plants you can develop in hanging baskets to make a wonderful display:

Amazing Hanging Planter Boxes

Amazing Hanging Planter Boxes

Lovely Hanging Planter Boxes

Lovely Hanging Planter Boxes

Asparagus Fern (Asparagus plumosus)

These can be grown from seed but the seedlings are the victims of so many insect pests that it is greater to obtain tiny plants in February and develop them on in the warm residence for spring and early summer time sales.

Feathery green trailing development, plus modest white flowers which usually create modest red fruits, make this a froth of green for the window box or planter. Right here it is seldom bothered with pests unless the season is exceptionally hot and dry, then it may possibly become infested with red spider.

If you have old plants left more than, you can divide them with a sharp knife, potting up the pieces of extended white tubers and foliage in 4-inch pots of greenhouse soil. They also make fantastic hanging basket plants for the patio or greenhouse.


Nearly absolutely everyone knows the small wax begonia (B. semper-florens), with its shiny leaves and white, pink, or red flowers. You can buy a massive plant of the wax begonia and propagate most of your personal stock by way of cuttings grown in the warm house, buy tiny potted plants for retail, or develop these fibrous-rooted begonias from seed. The procedure from seed is like that for most house plants, (page 112).

Equally very good for window boxes are the hanging basket kinds of tuberous-rooted begonias. The single or double flowers variety from white and yellow via pink, salmon, and red.

Luxury Hanging Planter Boxes

Luxury Hanging Planter Boxes

Ideal Hanging Planter Boxes

Ideal Hanging Planter Boxes

Awesome Hanging Planter Boxes

Awesome Hanging Planter Boxes


Most gardeners consider of dracaena as a home plant but it makes a excellent tough item for outdoor planting in summer season. And you can constantly inform your customers it serves double duty. When the window box season has finished, it can be dug up, potted, and utilized as a residence plant.

This is an additional item I believe is ideal bought as small potted plants. You will not want as well a lot of to begin with–probably no more than 2 dozen–and they are low priced. D. fragrans has green leaves but many varieties have striped and speckled foliage. There is D. Massangeana with a wide golden stripe along the leaf midrib D. Godseffiana, with flecks of white on its foliage D. Goldieana has green and silver foliage and D. Sanderianq, a slender plant, with glossy green leaves margined white.

If you have plants left over, you can propagate more from tip, stem, or root cuttings struck in a propagating bed or case. They have to be grown in the warm residence.


The dwarf type of heliotrope, with its heads of blue or white flowers, tends to make a wonderful plant for window box or planter (and is fine also for bedding or as an accent plant).

Heliotrope is effortlessly grown from cuttings taken in the fall. These are sold in pots the following spring. Grow the cuttings in any medium you prefer, in a warm home. As quickly as they are well rooted you can plant them in 3-inch pots of greenhouse soil. When the plants attain the height you want, cut out the top so the plant will branch.

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Hoya Carnosa

Often called the wax plant or Swedish ivy, this plant with its heavy, glossy, green or variegated leaves and massive clusters of waxy white or pink flowers makes a marvelous summer window box plant. And it, as well, serves double duty. In the fall it can be brought into the house and utilised in a hanging basket or educated up the side of a window.

It’s very best to get this a single as rooted cuttings pot them in wealthy soil, and develop them in the warm residence. You probably will not want to commence out with a lot more than twenty-5. If you maintain some over and want them to flower in your greenhouse, do not take tip cuttings. The blooms kind on the tips and following the plants have flowered, they will generate a second-year flower crop on these identical ideas.


Here’s one more plant which doubles for window box and in¬door garden. The green foliage is bordered or striped with white or yellow.

As a starter, get un-rooted cuttings and root them in flats of light soil mixture at 65 degrees F. When they are rooted, in about three weeks, pot in three-inch pots. Plants began in March are prepared for later spring sales.


Even though typically reserved for greenhouse decoration, thunbergia tends to make a excellent trailer for the window box. Its flowers, developed freely all through the summer season, are white, cream, orange red, and in shades of blue-purple.

Thunbergia, named clock vine, is very easily propagated by means of cuttings or seed sown in the spring in the warm residence. Pot up into 2-inch pots as soon as the cuttings or seedlings can be simply handled.

Wishbone Plant (Torenia)

Modest gloxinia-like flowers in white and yellow, plain yellow, or blue and white, and tiny green leaves, plus a trailing habit when grown in partial shade, make the wishbone plant uncommon material for the window box, planter, or hanging basket.

In warmer locations of the nation, this one is handled as many northern gardeners deal with pansies.

Sow the seeds in March in loose soil and develop in the warm residence. Do not let seedlings dry out–they may possibly not revive. As quickly as you can handle them, perhaps mid-April, plant them in 3-inch pots of porous soil.

The reputation of hanging baskets, outdoor planter boxes, and window boxes tends to make it necessary that you ought to know a small about the variety of plants your consumers will want to purchase for use in these garden “locations.” Practically any of the modest vines, or trailers–Vinca maor, hoya, wandering Jew, trailing petunias, begonias, and ivy geranium–will do beautifully. The upright geraniums often are depended upon to furnish the bulk of bloom for both sorts of planters. Most of the small bedding plants also are very good.